TK 429P

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  • Manufacturer: TEKNA
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TK 429P - Tekna 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center.

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TK 429P - Tekna 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center.

Specially designed for the processing of sectional panels, equipped with a clamping system that can be quickly adjusted to the width of the panel loaded. This enables panels of different widths to be processed without changing the machine tooling. It has a fixed and movable crossbar that can be moved along the Y axis and performs a pressing operation by a pneumatic piston. TK 429P is designed for drilling and milling in aluminum and steel plates for heavy industrial doors and garage doors and for sandwich panels with polyurethane foam core for walls and coatings etc. The standard version is 6600 mm long. Upon request, the machining center can be manufactured in various lengths to meet the specific needs of each customer. In order to simplify the machining process, TEKNA has developed software for the production of industrial and sectional doors that is capable of automatically creating machining programs.


Design features:

  • Gate structure ensuring maximum rigidity and stability of the machine,
  • System for dosing and supplying cooling liquid to the tool,
  • Electric spindle with automatic tool change and cooling system,
  • Extraction system,
  • Revolver tool magazine storing 8 tools with a cover protecting against dust and splinters generated during machining,
  • Rollers located under the processing table enable simple and quick loading and unloading of panels. It also ensures the discharge of debris formed during production.